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Chief of Police

City of San Luis, AZ

I hope this message finds you healthy and well in spirit. The San Luis Police Department is truly a department that represents our close border community. Over 90% of our employees are from the area originally and have come to work for us in order to give back to their community. I am proud of our people. You will not find a harder working or more dedicated group than the members of the San Luis Police Department. Consequently, the City of San Luis is one of the safest cities in the State of Arizona as a result of their hard work. This is summed up in our department’s mission statement, “Working Together…For a Safe Community”.

The San Luis Police Department will expend a large amount of our community capital this year, building and promoting our Department’s image of service, accountability, and commitment within our community. Events across this nation, as well as here in our own community, have challenged us to be better at what we do. Better public servants, better law enforcement officers, better community members, better parents. In one word “Better” than we ever were before.

The law bestows on us the “Authority” to enforce the law. The “Authority” given to us by our legal system, gives us the legal authority to act on its behalf, this is the law. We must always remember that our true “Authority” is derived from the people we serve, from the people who give us the legitimacy to act on their behalf. In return, our community expects us to do the right thing in their name, to treat them fairly, and with understanding and compassion. We, as all of our community members, know well that we are only human. Being human comes with the understanding that everyone will make mistakes. Making mistakes is part of the learning process of getting “Better”. We must forever learn from our mistakes and vow to learn from them, striving to be “Better” than we were before. Mistakes of the heart or mind can be remediated through mentoring and education. Corrupted values have no remedy and have place in any organization of public trust.

Our legitimacy as public servants and as community leaders is built on trust that is developed with every contact we make. Though the contact may not be in agreement with the outcome, we must leave the contact with the feeling that they have been treated fairly under the circumstances. We must continue to build our trust with our community by treating people fairly and justly. If we fail to treat people fairly we will lose the public’s trust and our legitimacy with our community as well. Every day is a new opportunity to connect with the community and reinforce our values of service, accountability and professionalism.

The San Luis Police Department, like many other departments, is far too small to do the enormous job of keeping our community safe. Without our community to support us, we will never reach or goal. We must all work together to make the City of San Luis AZ a safe and inviting community to live and work. I encourage you to contact us regarding opportunities to volunteer and serve the community. Thank you for your support and all you do every day to make San Luis AZ a safe place to live and work. As our community needs change, so will we, “Working Together…For a safe Community”.

Jim Neujahr


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